Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Egg Retrieval Day

Here we are, at the first main event. 2 days ago I had 10 follicles, 4 range 18-20 and 6 range 15-17 which should hopefully have grown. The ovitrelle injection (used to recreate the LH surge to mature the eggs and trigger ovulation) was much nicer than the nasty pregnyl injection in the UK. Had twinges yesterday around my ovaries so the natural fear is that the eggs have burst forth already...but am sincerely hoping not!
Yesterday we also went out to Navi Mumbai, about 1.5-2 hour journey in traffic, to look at some serviced apartments in Belapur. A few days ago we checked out a few in the Powai/Hirandani area and were shocked by the cost. Approx £2200-2500 per month for a 2 bed apartment! I thought it would be cheaper in Navi Mumbai but it was not the case, however there are more facilities and the apartments are slightly bigger too. Oh dear! Will continue the search. Plus points are that they look liveable in! By the way, Hiranandani looks like how India could have been in a parallel universe, all clean wide road, western names for the streets (orchard way, high street), all clean and well maintained Roman style high rise apartment blocks and offices. It looks like Indias version of Canary Wharf. Lots of cool bars and restaurants. The hospital where the baby will be born (oh please let that happen!) is part of this uber cool development and is of a high standard we were told, so thats good news! However, around Hiranandani, is back to square one, Mumbai in its glory resumes!

Ok well off to Corion now, armed with a saree bought for our dear Surrogate, whoever she is (we only find out today so no idea how many kids she has or anything). Have practised some (dull) Hindi phrases so we can have a chit chat..will be back soon...hopefully! Wish me luck and lots of healthy eggs!!

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