Friday, 29 July 2011

It's final

So we had the email today that GMS blood showed a bhcg level of 119 which is going down so they are stopping her medication. Feel so sorry for her as her dreams won't be realised either.
I feel sick and sad but also determined that we will keep going as long as it takes. We know from other couples that the journey can be long and painful but giving up now is not an option.
Dr K will be in touch later about the next steps. I am keen to move on with our frosties ASAP.
will keep praying for better luck next time and strength to cope with all these traumas.


  1. Sorry to hear your update. Wishing you both the best of luck for your next attempt.

  2. I just found your blog. So very sorry for this news. Sending prayers and cyber hugs your way.

  3. Sorry to hear this update but really glad you are fighting on! We have read countless blogs where folks had setbacks but eventually realized their dreams of becoming parents. All the best with your frosties and we'll look forward to your next update. You are in our prayers..

  4. Hello, just found your blog and so sorry to hear this news. Keep going and never give up on your dream, we had Hari from a frostie. The Lawyer we are using is Andrea Woalke from Alternative Family Law based in London Bridge. Goole and you'll find him. He is a cool guy and very good I like him.