Sunday, 3 July 2011

Menogon misery

So I am now on cycle day 11, day 9 of stimulation (currrently having 300iu gonal f - which is recombinant fsh and encourages the follicles to grow, 150iu menogon, which is made from urinary FSH and LH and further encourages the follicles to grow and is a nasty one in butt, and 0.25ml ganilrelix which stops early ovulation). The clinic nurses have been administering them since I started the menogon as it would be nigh on impossible to get that in correctly and Paul would probably faint when he saw the size of the needle!) I have been pretty emotional about the state of my ovaries. The first scan on day 3 had shown maybe 6-8 on rt side and very small ones on the left. Second scan 4 days later showed 3 on left and 7 on right side. My last cycle produced 16 eggs so I was feeling pretty down about stuff but Dr K felt we were on track and aiming for 10-12 good quality eggs. I know it only takes one and Paul is trying to keep me upbeat but I'm just comparing to last time. In any case last time didnt work out either so I guess its irrelevant really. I am another year older as well. Yikes! Still am on pretty huge whacks of the stuff so was hoping for more eggs really.

The first week has been a bit turbulent with both of us coming down with the proverbial Delhi belly. Pauls was worse than mine with a fever earlier in the week. That sent me crazy with anxiety as well. For the last 3 months I have been doing my best (control freak wife) to prevent him catching a bug which may cause a fever and sperm destruction. Now at the final hurdle, here it is, to torture me aargh!! Got a sample done quickly the following day. Paul was not impressed by the lack of 'materials' but produced a pretty good one, all things being considered. That is going to be the frozen back up plan in case things are not great on egg retrieval (ER) day!

I have been trying to improve my eggs, by eating eggs, keeping tummy warm, drinking lots of water. Lets see if we get good growth by tomorrow. Dr K likes to get as many eggs >20mm before the trigger injection of bhcg which finally matures the eggs ready for retrieval. Yesterday I had 4 around 15-16mm and 6 at 12mm which need to pull their socks up. If the smaller ones are around 16-17 by tmrw we should be able to trigger on Tuesday night for ER on Thursday. We are leaving on Saturday am, so that would be the safest I think!

Now we are a bit better the weather has turned more 'monsoony' which is annoying! I was dreading  wading through huge puddles and catching further water bourne diseases, but that has not happened thankfully. Needless to say I am on high alert now and suspicious of all things chicken (was an undercooked one that got us this time!)

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  1. hello madam,
    my wife is also under menogon treatment . she has taken already 8 injections.. 3 more remaining. this is our first treatment like this. we did a scan after 7th injection but doctor advised that eggs are small adviced to take the dosage double 150 mg for four more days ( 11 injections).
    I want to ask what are the chances of getting pregnant after this traetment? this treatment is not covered under insurence and am bit worroed about my finance as well.
    thank you