Wednesday, 20 July 2011

One week and counting down

Its been 5 days since we got back from Mumbai and heard about the awful bombs that went off yesterday, its so tragic. I did a lot of shopping in Dadar so was shocked to see a bomb go off there. We felt relieved that our surrogate and Corion are in the Northern Suburbs, well away but felt so sorry for everyone involved in this tragedy. I have felt very attached to Mumbai this time, despite all the illnesses and stresses, it's an amazing place and I'm really missing the vibrancy of the place.
We had dinner in London that night at a charity event for St Dunstans, a charity for blind ex service personnel with the Duke of Kent in attendance and crown prince pavlos of Greece! It was strange having drinks without panicking about effect on sperm and eggs but lovely to spend a night in London midweek together.
This post is in the wrong place as I started it on 14th July!

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  1. goodluck , am praying for you. i still havent heared from the indian embassy. i hope you are good