Friday, 8 July 2011

Fertilisation day!

Have been all anxious this morning waiting to get the news of how many of the 10 eggs were fertilised by Pauls super sperm! I went to the clinic to pick up my credit card (which I was silly enough to leave behind yesterday) but embryologist Sakshi was not in, so few more hours to panic! I checked out the signed surrogacy contract too, GMS, bless her, had signed with her thumbprint. We are going to get a notarised copy of this agreement later.I asked the nurses if she was happy to be doing this and they said she was very happy. phew! I was planning to go to Powai to check out another serviced apartments but the roads were horrendous and flooded, saw an autorickshaw get stuck and the passengers had to wade through knee deep water and decided not to bother!
Came back to hotel to see Paul munching the last of my bananas (I love the mini bananas here, they have a lovely texture and flavour) despite telling me he wasnt keen on them!
Had 2 bits of good news today
1. We were panicking last night after reading the surrogacy information on the British High Commission website which states that both parents passports have to be sent off in order to obtain baby's passport. This sent Paul in a tail spin as he was planning to return to the UK after 3 weeks, as my parents were planning to stay with me for the duration (up to 12 weeks). He wrote to the passport services in Delhi who reassured him that he can show the original to the consulate in Mumbai and take a full copy (of every page) with him. So thats good.
2. Just had mail from Sakshi at the lab that 8 out of 10 eggs fertilised, so hoping and praying they continue to grow and develop. Its like waiting for exam results on a daily basis, gives you knots in your stomach and a faint queasy feeling until you know!

Ok am off out to get some more bananas whilst the rain has stopped!

Its our last day here so planning to have a wee drink later!

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