Thursday, 7 July 2011

Egg retrieval Part 2!

I survived! Got there at 10 am, put my gown on the wrong way round, signed a consent form without any info (just relied on my previous knowledge!) and got whisked off to the OR at 10.30. Looked well equipped and clean with the lab just adjacent. Mr anaesthist whipped in a pink cannula, and gave me some wierd sedative which made me feel quite starnge, like death was near! Chest went bit tight, funny feeling in my throat, could hear the cardiac monitor speed up as I got anxious! Then I counted up whilst the propofol filled my veins- got up to 4... out.... and then I remember being 'tapped' on the shoulder by someone annoying who was trying to wake me up! Dr K had got 10 eggs out but not able to make any judgements on them until tmrw, praying they are good mature ones!
Had to wait an hour (slept through most of that) until I could have a drink and rest of afternoon was spent in that recovery room waiting for Dr K to check out which surrogate had the best lining! Signed various surrogacy agreements whilst we waited. The booth/room opposite us was full of about 8 surrogates who all kept smiling at me everytime I opened our door to walk past. It was quite surreal. In the end we had a choice of 2 who fulfilled the criteria- we plumped for the 27 yr old divorcee (call her GMS) with 3 children age 3,5,7. The 2 smaller children will stay with her in the surrogate house and the older one with her sister.  We got to meet her briefly and she was really petite but pretty. We felt huge next to her but hopefully she wont have problems with our embies! I gave her the saree pressie and when she went back to her room of surro-pals they were all twittering excitedly! We were pretty spaced out and tired by that point so I only used a few of my hindi phrases on her!
Paid up about £4300 for my IVF, surrogate preparation, drugs and pathology. Also paid in advance for a possible Frozen embryo transfer just in case. Hopefully GMS will be the magic we need and that money can go towards her fees later! Tense few days ahead now, praying for excellent fertilisation and embryos!

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