Sunday, 3 July 2011

Monsoon Mumbai

Here we are, entering our second week in Mumbai. I had all good intentions to start this blog as soon as we arrived but with one thing (food poisoning!) and another (shopping!) it has got delayed. In some ways I can't believe we are actually here. If someone had told us a year ago that we would be having IVF in Mumbai for the purpose of surrogacy I would have thought they were insane! But 4 years of trying to conceive with 1 spontaneous miscarriage after 2 years and then 1 year of IVF with 3 failed embryo transfers, chemical pregancies, mysterious rashes that no doctor can explain associated with early pregnancy and being diagnosed with high natural killer cells which don't respond to a host of immune medication has led us down this path. Our GP has been very supportive but our conservative IVF doctors seem to think that surrogacy should come much later... i.e when I am too old to provide any decent embryos! But we want a family, thats the bottom line, and with much soul searching regarding the ethics of what we are doing, this now feels right. Many thanks to all those people whose blogs have helped me so much and given me an idea of what to expect when we arrived here.

So we have been to Mumbai before and knew what to expect from the city. Less so from an indian clinic. In fact I had all sorts of ideas as to what I wanted to do,see and eat whilst I was here. The research I had done had led me to Dr Kadam's clinic, the Corion Fertility Clinic. On arrival at Mumbai airport we had a pre arranged transfer to the Novotel where we were staying for the 2 weeks, recommended by the clinic due to its proximity. We then hot footed it across in what seemed a very expensive taxi- the ac cabs outside the hotel did not want to move their butts for less than Rs 300! Whatever the distance was!  Anyway we agreed to a fee of Rs500 (approx £7.50- a lot for a 15-20 min journey in India!)  for a return journey including wait time. The clinic was easy to find, and looked just as it does in the photos. A small but clean waiting area, with ac and friendly staff. We didnt have too long to wait before we were greeted by Dr K, whose positive, smiling demeanour put our worries to rest. I had spoken to her many times on the phone and exchanged numerous emails prior to our arrival and the personal service was duly appreciated. We went through our remaining queries, had my first scan and got started on (high dose) medication. The staff wrapped my injections with some coolpacks and off we went, to return in 5 days for next scan. They don't seem to check bloods for estrogen levels here and are guided by the scan findings, well we are putting all our faith into Dr K from now on!

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